Insurance Review


Our team understands that your ministry's insurance coverage needs are much different from other churches in your community.  We also understand that your coverage needs may change over time, as your ministry grows and changes.

How do you know if your current insurance policy provides the coverage your ministry needs?  Our team of ministry insurance experts can help you make sense of your coverage and your limits, and help you answer these important questions:

  • Is our building valued correctly?
  • Do coverages match our current needs?
  • Do we have the right amount of coverage?
  • How can we save money?

Step-by-Step Needs Assessment

We make assessing your ministry's insurance needs easy.  All it takes is a conversation.  We've been working with ministries for a long time, and our experienced professionals know the right questions to ask, to make sure you get the coverage you need.  Our specialists can:

  • Talk with you to learn about your ministry's needs and complete a Needs Analysis Survey
  • Review your current policies to learn more about your ministry's risk management goals and risk tolerance
  • Tour your facilities and complete a Ministry Building Survey to estimate the value of your buildings and personal property
  • Assess unique and specific insurance needs that result from your property or operations, like having an on-premises playground or taking mission trips
  • Document areas of high risk and recommend strategies to help you manage them
  • Analyze the information we gather to craft a cost-effective insurance solution
  • Meet with you to present our findings, propose our solution, and explore and explain your options


Please Note:  We cannot bind, accept, modify, or cancel coverage via e-mail or voice mail.  Coverage can be bound through written and signed confirmation or verbal confirmation over the phone with an agency representative.