Who We Serve


We specialize in serving churches and ministries of all kinds.  We understand the unique insurance needs of ministries, because we're passionate about helping ministries.  We believe we can help you, to.  Let us show you how.

Churches »
Your church is not like any other, and neither are your insurance needs.  You serve a unique community of people, and your ministries reflect that diversity.  A cookie-cutter insurance policy won't work for you.  We understand.

K- 12 Schools »
Christian schools hold a special place in our hearts.  Whether yours is a kindergarten a grade school, or a high school, we're passionate about making sure you have the insurance you need.  We understand that you must protect your building, your staff, and most importantly, your students.

Camps »
Whether your camp offers days filled with summer fun for young people, or a quiet place for ministry leaders to get away for an important planning session, you need an insurance partner who understands the varied needs of your camp.

Denominational Offices and Associations »
Christian denominational offices and associations like yours have a big responsibility: the care and feeding of many churches you serve.  Your staff has plenty to do, and an ever-growing list of tasks to attend to.  Your insurance policy should not be counted among those.

Colleges and Universities »
Christian colleges and universities provide students with an opportunity to prepare for a career in an environment that also allows them to deepen their faith.  We are passionate about making sure your have the insurance you need to protect your building, your staff, and your students.

Mission Sending Organizations »
Perhaps no aspect of ministry is more varied than mission travel.  Whether you help ministries plan mission trips close to home or on the other side of the globe, we can help you make sure you have the insurance protection you need - for your organization and your staff, the ministries you serve, and their mission travelers.

Mission Teams »
Mission work is a priority for many churches.  Whether your ministry's focus is outreach within your community or somewhere overseas, you have a responsibility to protect those who serve on behalf of your church.  We can provide insurance protection for your church and your mission travelers.